My Work

This album contains some of my web-development and statistics-related work.

Résumé creates sports betting systems based on data science. It is hosted on AWS and uses Django, Django REST Framework, Celery, and many other tools. We use AWS to engineer our big sports data in order to create and deploy machine learning models.

NCAAB Projections

Daily fantasy sports projections for college Basketball. Scraped and stored box scores from various websites to create player and team statistics. Created projections using proprietary cluster-based system. The website displayed editable projections and a lineup optimizer that used a knapsack algorithm. Users could edit projections and generate new lineups based on projections and other custom settings. The site is deprecated because college daily fantasy sports no longer exists. A demo remains to show how the website worked.

NBA Cluster Analysis

Uses K-Means Clustering to cluster NBA players based on user-selectable statistics. Returns cluster assignments, cluster centroids, and "Defense vs. Cluster" for each NBA team.

FanDuel & DraftKings Ownership

Freelance project. Scraped, collected, and organized ownership data for FanDuel & DraftKings contests. Used Hangfire to time and organize jobs. Hosted on AWS.

NBA Correlations

Compares and calculates correlations for NBA player's fantasy sports scores.

NBA Projections

Created daily fantasy sports projections for NBA players. Scraped and stored data from to generate proprietary cluster-based projections.


FantasyRig is a Chrome extension that allows you to view Sabermetrics for your players in ESPN and Yahoo fantasy baseball.

FanDuel Ownership

Scraped ownership data for past FanDuel contests

FanDuel Ownership Analysis

Advanced ownership analysis of FanDuel contests


Generate lineups for Yahoo! DFS and auto-enter them using a Chrome extension